What do we do? 

  • The FAMGB is the voice of general medicine in the Brussels Region

    The FAMGB is the reference for anyone wanting to interact with francophone general practitioners (GPs) in Brussels. By standing up for and speaking in name of the general practitioners, the federation underlines it’s commitment, willingness to reflect on and participate in the development of public health projects.

    The federation is accessible, voluntary and proactive. It displays this by offering its experience and knowledge in the field of primary health care to the political authorities.

  • The FAMGB is an active partner in the development of public health policy in Brussels.

    The FAMGB looks out for changes in society, attempts to foresee necessary solutions and tries to contribute to the development of a health policy that improves home care and easy access to medical healthcare – especially for vulnerable groups, while also defending the profession of general practitioners.

    The Federation promotes and supports the development of a local network of primary health care practitioners. It does so with a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary mindset. The work of the FAMGB, and its committees, goes beyond a simple sum of technical skills in different disciplines. They focus on potential problems or benefits and an optimisation of resources by putting complementarity, synergy and coordination first.

  • The FAMGB is the reference for general practitioners in Brussels.

    Many general practitioners come together in local associations to meet other GPs, discuss issues in the field of medicine and to organize scientific or other activities. The FAMGB is the meeting place where each association reports their experiences, wishes and problems concerning the practice of general medicine in Brussels. The FAMGB then reflects, outlines joint actions and ensures the coordination of potential endeavours.

  • The FAMGB organises the ‘Brussels Guard’

    By creating the ‘Brussels Guard’ the FAMGB fulfils one of the tasks the royal decree of 8 July 2002 laid upon circles. The ‘Brussels Guard’ is licenced to centralize the mobile and fixed on-duty medical units, via the Athena PMG Brussels Centre, CMGU in Woluwe-St-Lambert and Médinuit in Molenbeek. The ‘Brussels Guard’ was fundamentally reformed on 1 October 2014 and is managed by a group created by the FAMGB: asbl Garde Bruxelloise - Brusselse Wachtdienst vzw (GBBW). There is only one number you’ll ever need to find a GP in Brussels 24/7: 02/201.22.22.