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This privacy policy describes the privacy practices that apply when using the FAMGB website and the corresponding applications and services provided by the NGO as well as the events and training courses we organise. It serves as a starting point which highlights all the other directives, rules or procedures that we put into practice to protect the privacy and integrity of your personal data.

The FAMGB commits to respecting the personal data of those who visit their website (Visitors) and those registered for training courses and events organised by the NGO (Participants).

If you would like any additional information or further explanation of our privacy policy, please contact the individual in charge of data processing at the FAMGB directly:


Headquarters: Rue de Trèves, 49 - 1040 Brussels

Company number: 0432.556.850

Data Protection Officer:


The FAMGB pays close attention to the protection and processing of your personal data, in keeping with the current regulations in force. The FAMGB strives to protect, store and never share your personal data without your consent. You may ask to consult or delete your personal data at any time. We continuously strive to ensure the quality of our services while respecting the balance between the impact that this processing can have on privacy and the legitimate interests of our association. However, if you have any objections to any kind of processing in which you believe your consent was not requested, feel free to contact us. You can also exercise your rights concerning the regulations that are specific to processing personal data (explained in detail below).

The personal data collected by the FAMGB (through the website, online forms, during their work, services and training courses, or by any other means) are always

  • processed in accordance with the law enacted December 8th, 1992, concerning privacy protection when processing personal data, in addition to the General Data Protection Regulation, which came into force on May 25, 2018 (
  • in full transparency,
  • in a relevant way and strictly limited to the objective sought, which is itself carried out in a relevant and legal way.

By using the services offered by the FAMGB, you agree to the current data processing policy which concerns the processing of your personal data.

General Data Processing

The definition of processing covers all aspects related to the collection, registration, organisation, storage, adaptation or change, extraction, consultation, use, communication through dissemination or all other kinds of provisions, mergers or networking, as well as archiving, deleting or destroying personal data. All the personal data collected is only used in accordance with the principles and terms and conditions stated in this Privacy Policy.

In order to get information or take part in certain services or certain activities offered by the FAMGB, you need to provide some personal data, such as your name, email address, phone number and address. This personal data may be collected when filling out online forms, via emails, over the telephone or through verbal communication. They are processed in our internal platform and, if necessary for the service, transmitted to the NGO’s staff, the individual responsible for the activity, service or training which requires the data to be processed, as well as all parties involved, in accordance with all of the terms and conditions in this document.

Providing information to the FAMGB is voluntary. You voluntarily provide the data collected by the FAMGB. You are not obliged to share this data. The FAMGB staff in charge of processing your data are bound by strict , in accordance with the internal regulations and legislation regarding data protection. Communicating certain personal data may turn out to be necessary to run certain services, trainings or activities for which you are always free to choose if you wish to participate or not. In this case, we will request your formal approval.

You can consult or modify your preferences at any time, and you can also withdraw your consent in order to stop receiving information concerning FAMGB activities.

Purpose of Processing Your Data

We use the data you share with us to provide services that meet your needs, such as:

  • making it possible to register and take part in the services, activities or training courses we offer (receiving e-newsletters, registering for training courses and other activities, establishing attendance lists for training courses and other activities, receiving the necessary information to manage your file for the purpose of our services).
  • making it possible for the FAMGB and/or its partners to contact us concerning the services provided or concerning future or additional services.
  • handling and replying to questions.
  • analysing and improving the content and quality of the services provided.
  • being able to send personal messages concerning the activities or services provided by the FAMGB and/or their associative partners.
  • analysing our activities in order to improve our services (FAMGB publications and surveys and related activities).

Storing Data

The FAMGB only stores personal data for as long as necessary and in accordance with the legal and regulatory requirements.

Safeguarding data

The FAMGB takes the standard security measures to protect the personal data you have provided to us. In particular, these include protection in the event of:

  • Loss: the data is no longer available
  • Leaks
  • Errors: the data provided is incorrect
  • Inaccessibility: when required, the data is not available
  • Illicit consultation and non-compliant processing: consultation by non-authorised individuals, not being able to verify who consults, modifies or deletes the data.

In order to do this:

  • We implement this Privacy Policy on the grounds of risk management.
  • We have let our internal and external collaborators know the importance of their duty to honour secrecy and discretion, even professional secrecy when it comes to the knowledge, collection and use of personal data in a broader sense.
  • We take the necessary technical and organisational measures to ensure the privacy of personal data and to prevent non-authorised access to, or use of, your personal data.
  • We discuss certain aspects of our privacy policy in more detail in our regulations or signed contracts with internal and external collaborators.
  • We keep an up-to-date register of personal data processing. This privacy policy serves as a starting point to highlight all the other directives, rules or procedures we put into practice to protect the privacy and integrity of your personal data.

Only the association’s employees have access to your data and the use is limited to the professional purpose for which they need it. These employees will be held to strict professional confidentiality.


For the purpose of completing our services, the FAMGB can call upon subcontractors with whom your personal data may be shared in accordance with this Privacy Policy. The FAMGB only shares the data that is strictly necessary for completing the service concerned with the subcontractors in question. They are never allowed to freely use or share your data.


This privacy and personal data protection policy covers the practices applicable to the website and all its possible future variations.

Data protection online

This section aims to inform you about how we apply rules to data protection, which information we collect when you visit our website, and how it is used. Your personal data will only be used in the cases mentioned and not for any other purpose without your explicit consent. The FAMGB respects the privacy of everyone who visits the website.

Collecting Data

When you visit the aforementioned website, general information is collected automatically. This information is not saved as personal data. The web servers used usually store the following data:

  • The name of your internet provider
  • The website that led you to our website
  • The pages that you visited whilst on our website
  • Your IP address

In the case of passing on data to external service providers, we have taken technical and organisational measures to ensure that the data protection regulations are met.

Collecting and Processing Personal Data

Personal data is only collected when you provide it to us, for example, when registering, filling out a registration form for a training course, sending emails or requesting information. Your personal data remains within our association and supplier organisations and will not be shared in any way by ourselves or third parties. The personal data we collect will only be used to meet our obligations or for another purpose under the condition that you explicitly agree to this. You can change your consent concerning the use of your personal data at any time by sending an email stating that you do not allow your data to be used in the future. Send this to the email address stated below.

Storing Data

We store personal data for as long as necessary in order to complete the services you requested or authorised, provided there are no other legal provisions, such as, for example, when it needs to be stored for a certain period for legal reasons.


The FAMGB takes the necessary technical and organisational measures to protect the information you shared from the intentional or accidental use, loss, destruction or access by non-authorised individuals. Our protection measures are continuously revised and updated according to the latest technology.

Right of Access and Rectification of Data

You have the right to obtain, receive, view and, if necessary, change or delete information in the personal data stored. In order to do this, send an email to the email address stated below. Your personal data will be deleted unless we are legally obliged to keep this information.


During your visit to one of the websites mentioned above, a “cookie” will likely be saved onto your computer. A cookie is a file that makes it possible to save information related to your computer’s browsing on the website (e.g. pages visited, date and time viewed, links viewed) and it facilitates your visits by allowing us to identify you more easily and quickly. We only use cookies if they are necessary for an application or service we provide.

We use analysis tools and technology for your data, especially Google Analytics in order to improve and adapt our websites to meet your needs. We also use data collection tools like Google forms and Office 365 which allow you to contact us easily through our website. These tools and technologies collect and analyse certain kinds of information, including the contact details you provide to us on our website, business data, peripheral identifiers and software as well as the pages you consult on the FAMGB website. For the purpose of continuously improving the service we offer, the information generated allows us to follow and evaluate how you use the FAMGB website. We request your approval to install these cookies on your browser and you can always change your preferences at any time. If you would rather renounce the advantages of these cookies, you can read about how to change your browser settings in the help section in our menu where it outlines how to avoid these cookies, accept new cookies or delete existing cookies. You can also find out how you can block all these cookies or set up notifications for these new cookies.

Third-Party Websites

Our services could contain links to other websites which are outside our control and are not covered by this Privacy Policy. We cannot be held liable for the privacy practices carried out by these other websites and we recommend that you carefully read their privacy policy.

Social Media

We suggest contacts through certain social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. If you use these platforms, you share some personal data with your friends and with social media platforms. These activities, and the purpose for which the data is exchanged, are subject to the privacy policy of the supplier concerned. For more information on this topic, we recommend checking the social media platforms’ website. You understand and accept that sharing data through these kinds of platforms is entirely your own responsibility and the FAMGB may not be held liable in any way.

Using the Website

The content on this website is for purely informative purposes. This information can therefore not be considered legally binding. Although our goal is to share information that is up to date and correct, we cannot guarantee that this will be the case and we will strive to correct the mistakes that are brought to our attention. Our various partners involved cannot be held liable for the information shared on this website.

Some documents shared on this website may include references or links to information from other organisations. These well-informed associations, organisations and websites are chosen in an objective manner for the sole purpose of providing visitors with the most relevant and complete information possible. Nevertheless, the FAMGB cannot guarantee that this external information is relevant, up to date or accurate and shall not be held liable in any way in this regard. Likewise, the websites mentioned above may also be accessible via external links from third parties which the FAMGB has no control over.

The websites mentioned above may contain general information referring to medical problems and how to treat them. This information is purely informative and does not pretend to substitute for medical advice from a doctor or any other qualified medical professional.


All of the content on the website is protected by copyright legislation. The website’s content may not be copied, except for the purposes of non-commercial personal consultation while maintaining all references of copyright or property.


If you encounter any issues or have any questions or ideas, feel free to contact us. Due to the constant development of the internet, we are obliged to change our data protection rules from time to time. We reserve the right to make the necessary changes at any time.

Website Manager:

Data Protection Officer:


Access to your personal data and making corrections

You may consult, correct, delete and limit the use and transfer of personal data that is collected by the FAMGB at any time, under the condition that you send a signed and dated written request.

Send it to the following address: FAMGB - 49 Rue de Trèves - 1040 Brussels or to the following email address: once you have proven your identity (by attaching a copy of the front side of your ID card). In each newsletter we send you, you can state that you no longer wish to receive personal emails sent to the email address concerned (opt-out).

When the data processing is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

We are committed to handling your request as quickly as possible and in a maximum of 3 weeks following the date we received the request.

For all questions and/or complaints, in particular with reference to the clear and accessible nature of this privacy policy, you are welcome to contact the individual in charge of data protection:

You may also file a complaint concerning the processing of your data to the Belgian Commission for Privacy Protection at the following address:

Commission for Privacy Protection

Rue de la Presse, 35

1000 Brussels

Tél. + 32 2 274 48 00

Fax. + 32 2 274 48 35

Applicable laws and competent courts

This privacy policy is subject to Belgian law. All litigation related to its interpretation or completion falls under the French-speaking courts of the Brussels judicial district.

The FAMGB has the right to change the contents of this privacy policy at any given time. The latest version of our personal data management policy is always available on our website

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